Recurring Service Pricing

Recurring Service Pricing

Frequency & Pricing

Frequency: Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Every 4 weeks
Pricing: As an alternative to companies that offer fixed flat pricing we offer a variable pricing based on a reduced hourly rate of $48 with a 3 (three) hour minimum . This allows customers to skip certain rooms that are not used or to include items like dishes, or greater detail such as ceiling fans,baseboards,etc. Customers may vary their needs for each service so they get done what they want and need instead of paying for things that do not need or want done.

Honesty is our Policy

Most companies are reluctant to provide pricing over the web as there are many variables that can impact pricing. Our pricing package gives you the best possible service at the lowest cost as it provides flexibility for you on each service date.

Please call our office and we can answer any questions about our pricing and assist with scheduling

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