Cleaning Service Pricing (One Time)

Cleaning Service Pricing (One Time)

One Time Cleaning Pricing. We Price all one time jobs hourly at the rate of $48 per man hour. A 3 hour minimum applies for all occupied homes and 4 hour minimum for vacant homes. The final price is dependent on actual cleaning time. We offer Saturday service too. In most cases we can schedule your cleaning with as little as 1-2 days notice.

One Time Occupied Cleaning

You can make a one time cleaning of an occupied home can be as detailed or basic as you choose. We typically work with Solo Cleaning Associates and they do provide all tools and supplies. You may request the domestic worker to wipe surfaces like window sills, door frames, baseboards, and ceiling fans rather than dusting. You may also request your cleaner to remove any buildup of hard water or soap scum or even mold in bathroom fixtures. Cleaning time will depend on the condition of your home and it’s size. You may choose to limit the time to control the cost and provide the cleaner with a priority list so that your most important areas are finished first. Anything over our minimum if prorated by the 1/2 hour so you do not pay for a full hour if less time is spent.

Vacant Home Cleaning

Many customers are under the impression that vacant homes can be cleaned faster as there is no furniture in the way. In reality they take longer as more surfaces are cleaned. Customers typically request the cleaner to clean inside all cupboards, cabinets, drawers, medicine cabinets, closets etc. This may also include inside all appliances like ovens and refrigerators. There is four hour minimum. You may limit the time and set priorities for the cleaner. For larger homes (over 3000 sq ft) we often recommend 2 cleaners but the job will take less time as there is more people cleaning.
It is important to be sure electricity and water service are on at the time of cleaning.

We do require all cleaning to be paid with a major credit card. We then will charge the card based on actual cleaning time at the conclusion of the job.

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